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Sugaring Off Visits

Every spring, throughout the months of March and April, the Arboretum opens it’s doors to large groups of school children to enjoy the marvels of maple syrup production. These educational visits are aimed at children of any age group. The visit lasts for 1.5hrs, and within that time, the children will take a trip through time and discover the early origins of sugaring. They will also see the current process of boiling down sap into the golden treat that we all enjoy by visiting the Arboretum sugar house. All the while, they learn about tree biology and the importance of climate as it relates to the yield of sap produced within the trees. Included in the visit are two separate wagon rides through an active sugar bush, and to top it all off, a stop at our serving tables to enjoy a taste of pure maple taffy.














With trained staff members at the ready, the Arboretum can accommodate groups of up to 100 students at a time. The cost for these visits is $7 per person but for every 10 children in attendance, one accompanying adult is FREE (Special needs helpers or teacher’s aids are also admitted for FREE). Groups are divided into smaller groups of a maximum of 25 upon arrival and each will be assigned a guide for the visit.


What to Bring: Appropriate clothing, Boots, Hand wipes (after taffy)

Typical Tour Itinerary:

-Unload buses/cars

-Wagon ride through the forest to our tour start area

-Sugar Maples, what is sap, where does it come from?

-Early discovery of Maple syrup-Native Americans

-The process improves: Early European Settlers and the introduction of technology

-Sugaring today, how it’s made in a modern sugar house

-Wagon ride back to parking area

-Taffy on snow

-Load the buses/cars for departure


*When large groups are in attendance, the actual order of the tour is altered. With large groups of over 75 people, wagon rides are only offered once in order to allow for all children to have a ride and be able to have access to all sections of the tour. If this is the case, a short walk of 400m is required.*





 Spring Biodiversity

During the months of May and June, the Arboretum celebrates spring by welcoming students of all ages to experience some very interesting habitats and the creatures which call them home. This 2 hour visit is aimed at helping students identify not only some amazing creatures, but also highlight some of the important features of the natural world, including food webs, habitat use and conservation, respect for mother earth and how to see things that would otherwise go unnoticed. Experienced guides lead the students through several different habitats to compare the importance of each and the different forms of life which reside there. By visiting each of these habitats, the students truly discover the diversity of the St. Lawrence valley ecosystems which some have right in their own backyard. The cost for these visits if $6 per person and for every 10 children in attendance, 1 accompanying adult is FREE (Special needs helpers or teacher’s aids are also admitted for FREE).



What to bring: Water, Insect Repellent, Boots, Hats

Typical Tour Itinerary:

-Unload buses/cars

-Introduction/Field site-life in the lawn

-Trees-their friends and foes

-Forest site-life under foot

-Pond site-watery world

-Ecology game (time permitting)

-Load the buses/cars for departure








For the Birds - Winter workshop

This workshop is intended for children of all ages. During this workshop, students will be introduced to some of the Arboretum's feathered friends. Starting the workshop will be a presentation on winter birds, and bird feeding around the home. Following the presentation is a craft, where students can build a bird feeder out of pine cones (peanut butter/or lard) and bird seed. These feeders will be hung up in high traffic bird areas. Once the feeders are installed, the group will then proceed to a chickadee "hot spot" to try and feed the wild birds from their hands. This activity lasts for 2 hours. Suitable for single classes or small groups (15-25 students). The cost is $7 per person (1 adults admitted free/10 children).  These workshops are offered during the months of December, January, and February. Call for reservation or more information today!


What to bring:

Warm clothes, boots, water

Typical Tour Itinerary:

-Unload buses/cars

-Presentation in the Conservation Centre

-Bird feeder craft

-Hang Feeders

-Chickadee-hand feeding

-Load the buses/cars for departure


Personalized Nature Visits:

At the Arboretum: Special workshops, presentations, or nature walks can be arranged to suit the needs of your class here at the Arboretum. A wide range of topics can be used and this will depend on the specific needs of the teachers and the students. For more information on the types of activities which can be offered or to arrange to meet with our naturalist, please call the gatehouse at 514-398-7811

In the Classroom: If you can’t make it out to the Arboretum, why not bring a small piece of the Arboretum to the classroom? With many years of classroom experience, our naturalist has a diversity of topics with which to present to school groups of any age. If you are interested in arranging a classroom presentation, or you would like more information about our in-class presentations please feel free to give us a call at 514-398-7811




Photos: Sugaring Off-Chick Taylor; Spring Biodiversity, chickadee and Butterfly Walk-Chris Cloutier

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