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There is so much in the Arboretum that it is impossible to see it all in one visit ......... we have collected a selection of photographs of the forest taken throughout the seasons which we hope will give you a taste of what to expect when you visit or to remind you of time spent pleasantly under the trees. From time to time we will add new photographs to our collections and we invite the public to submit their favourite pictures for consideration. Pictures may be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - but before sending them, please read the useful tips on the best way to prepare your pictures that we have prepared to help you.


Visit the Photography Galleries ...

  1. Various themes and periods

  2. A Year in the Forest 2009 - during 2009 members and visitors contributed to a gallery of photographs of the forest covering almost each of the 365 days of the year.  Trees, flowers, people, birds, skies and stroms, we caught it all.

Please note © Copyright - The copyright of all the pictures shown in these albums resides with the original photographer. Anyone wishing to have a copy of any image is requested to contact us for information about how this might be arranged.


Tips on E-mailing photographs

We look forward to receiving your photographs (send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and encourage everyone who visits to submit their best pictures. Not infrequently, however, we receive photographs that are in need of serious compression before they can be posted on the web to say nothing of the fact that the large file sizes rapidly fill our email inbox. If this does not apply to you, please read no further, but in the hope of helping both us and you ( ie: making emailing of photographs simpler and faster and generally better all round) we would like to suggest the following:

In whatever format the pictures reach us and however large the files are, we can use them because we have the software to deal with it, but it takes time we don't always have, so: Pictures to be posted on the web never need a better resolution than 72 pixels to the inch because that is the resolution of a typical computer monitor screen ...... reducing the resolution before mailing saves trouble and makes it faster for you to mail them, especially if you only have a dial-up internet connection. In general, because web images need to be viewable by people with low tech installations as easily as those who have all the bells and whistles and big flat screens, it is best to limit the horizontal dimensions of your images to around 8 to 10 inches or 700 pixels. Remember, the versions you send are never going to be printed.

How to do this ........... well, if you have Photoshop or PaintShop Pro you can tweak and optimise to your hearts content image by image. There is a very good free alternative "GIMP" that you can download from the web – but there is a simpler way. There are programmes available that do all the donkeywork for you automatically, resize and optimise the images and insert them in a blank email message with one click of the mouse. Try installing and using one of the following excellent products ...... all of which will also give you some very nice editing tools and act as an image database so that three years from now when you want that picture of the dog at the arboretum chasing the butterfly you can just enter a couple of key-words and up it will pop without having to hunt through files and folders wondering where on earth you hid it. Worth it for this alone.

Look at :

Picasa : this is actually a totally free programme from those nice people at Google which you can download and install from this address :

It is very easy to use, we have recommended it to dozens of happy "customers" in the last couple of years and it's probably all that most people need. Google make it available because it has a link to a couple of printing services etc. in the hopes that you will use their services, but these links are not intrusive and can be happily ignored. Before anyone asks, we guarantee it will not install any spyware or anything nasty of that sort.

ACDSee : this is produced by a company in Vancouver and is aimed at the professional and semi-professional market. Again you can get a 30 day trial by downloading from and then pay a reasonable purchase fee if you like it. This is by far the most sophisticated of the choices. Just for the backup security features that ensure you will never lose important pictures again it's worth having.

... and many others.

In all of the programmes, you just have to select the images you want to send by email (to Granny as well as to us) and click a button which starts the application resizing and optimising your pictures in a batch and then inserts them as attachments in a new email form that you simply address and send on its way. Couldn't be simpler.

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